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frontal lobe

a brand built on a foundation of sustainability. the term encompasses environmental impact, community involvement and personal balance. the workshop in Christchurch, New Zealand is full of music, art and creative design projects. with a beautiful collection available and a portfolio of bespoke work there is not much the duo can not create. a combination of modern joinery techniques and old world quality provides an end product that is designed to grow with you not fall out of fashion and end up back in the ground.

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Bevan & Andrew

opening a bespoke design studio has been a lifelong dream for

< Bevan who is a trained carpenter  and lift designer with fifteen years of mechanical and industrial design experience. the creative mind behind Frontal Lobe Bevan brings building know how and design skills to the table. for Bevan community, creativity and sustainability are natural expressions of his faith.


Andrew > drives the business and operations side, drawing on ten years experience working in large format retail management in New Zealand and Australia with a passion for customer interaction and brand development. Andrew is now using his skills to create designs that bring people together.



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