designed to stand out, built to last generations and created to start conversations.

fonz expanding dining table


hidden below this modern table is a secret. 


turn the handle to drive the complex internal rack and pinion system. the tabletop separates revealing the internal workings through a clear piece of safety glass that rises to meet the top and completes the expansion.


made with beautiful bamboo plywood this expression of kinetic motion and sustainable timber is sure to start many conversations. 


dimensions: height 750mm, width 900, length 1600mm/ 2100mm 


made to order with custom options available.

fonz dining table


a dining table built to last.


made with 40mm bamboo plywood this table has a strong presence. soft edges create a surface you will not be able to keep your hands off. 


beautiful joinery showcases the complex end grain of this five layer sustainable plywood. 


dimensions: height 750mm, width 830mm,  length 1600mm


made to order with custom options available.

fonz illuminated shelving  system


a beautiful space for your most prized possessions

this bamboo adjustable shelving system, featuring some tricky design concepts. it all starts with external support bars that transfer 12v power between the shelves. the power is then transferred on the under side of every shelf via exposed copper wiring that provides power to twin flush mounted LEDs. each shelf can be height adjusted.Its modular design makes customisation easy - contact us for custom options.

height 1600mm x Width 1200mm x Depth 400mm


made to order with custom options available.

jamburger record stand


modular to grow with your collection.


designed by an avid collector this record stand is purpose built to store your prized library of vinyl.


start with a single base that includes feet and top mounted “playing now”record stand. add levels as you add records with an easy to build modular system. 


dimensions: height 440mm, width 335mm, depth 335mm (starter Jamburger)



ustom options available

fonz clothing stand

an elegant place to hang your coat after a long day.


five bamboo hooks hang from hand cut leather straps. the long lines of the wood grain accentuate the height of the stand. designed to utilizes corner space but equally at home against a flat wall.


dimensions: height 1700, width 660, depth 330 


made to order with custom options available.

the plyke

in 2011 a devastating earthquake hit our home town. this bamboo bicycle was the result of wanting to come through this disaster as a progressive and forward thinking city.


made out of sustainable bamboo plywood the frame sweeps with smooth lines akin to a race/ urban bike.

available with many options including wheel sets, hardware colours and handle bar customisation. your Plyke will be built for you.


made to order with custom options available.